Bonefish Grill – Savannah, GA


Bonefish Grill is a restaurant chain that seems to be located in many major states, but not California. I didn’t know that going in. The Yelp reviews for the Savannah location were good, so I decided to give it a try, thinking it was a local institution. I guess the most I can say about Bonefish Grill is that it’s decent for a chain, but disappointing as a local restaurant. What it has going for it is the freshness of the seafood. However, negative points for smothering everything in sauce.

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Level III – SF: Union Square

eimg_2015I love Dine About Town because you get to wine and dine at places that you normally wouldn’t due to the associated price tag. And if the food ends up being sucky, then at least it wasn’t an expensive mistake. Unfortunately, my experience at Level III falls into this category.

Level III is in the SF Marriott, so the decor is superb, but sadly the food was subpar. I knew I should’ve been worried when we walked in an realized the place was practically empty. The Dine About Town menu did not have any course choices. We had a pre-picked three course lunch consisting of:


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One Market – SF: Financial District

eimg_1977The Three Marketeers strike again! We have reconvened for 2009’s Dine About Town at One Market.

It was both a happy and sad occasion: TGD being heavily pregnant, and S breaking the news that she’ll be moving back to Virginia. Ahhh, how I wail at the thought! In the end, I guess we’re all doing what will make us happy though, whether it be having a kid, moving home, or in my case, eating! So let’s get to the food then, shall we?

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Yamo – SF: Mission


Maybe Burmese food isn’t for me. Yamo came to me through Yelp, with a 4/5 star rating, yet I wasn’t impressed. Being my first foray into Burmese food though, I’ll save my final judgement until after I’ve tried some of the other highly rated places like Burma Superstar.

So Yamo is a die-hard foodie’s dream. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place with seating at the counter for 8 people max. The kitchen is right in your face, complete with griminess and three little Asian ladies arguing with each other as they work. Almost reminds me of home…

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Candybar – SF: Western Addition/Alamo Square

img_1894Booze + Dessert = Win?

J and I hadn’t seen each other in ages, so we decided to meet up at Candybar on Fulton @ Divisadero to catch up.

Candybar attempts to distinguish itself as a dessert bar, so naturally I walked into the place expecting some sort of confectionary marvel to hit my taste buds in the classic 70s Batman style. *Kapow, blam, zowie*!

But… I have to say, it was a little disappointing.

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