Sesame Almond Coconut Shortbread Cookies

Hi folks! Well I couldn’t resist. I had to think up a second recipe for Sophistimom’s and Challenge Dairy’s shortbread cookie contest. I was inspired to do a sort of east-meets-west cookie this time around. After some quick brainstorming, the ideas that I kept circling around back to were of Chinese sesame seed cookies and those pink box almond cookies. Baked sesame seeds have such a unique, nutty, and oily flavor to them that I felt would work great in a shortbread. Continue reading


Orange Shortbread Cookies with Earl Grey Cream

Oh me, oh my. For anybody who’s ever been to a high tea service, you know that it’s all about the scones, tea sandwiches, and of course, the shortbread cookies. Oh and the tea. Obviously. Earl Grey is one of my favorite types of teas, and lucky for me, it’s also a popular choice for tea service.

So what better way to get my shortbread and tea fix than to combine both into a single bite-sized disk of deliciosity? (Yay for making up words.) I have to thank Sophistimom for pushing me to find the inspiration for this particular recipe. You see, she and Challenge Dairy are running a contest to win… get this… FREE BUTTER for a year. Those must be the two most beautiful words in existence. Put them next to each other and you get some cosmic pastry synergy going on. “Free” has to come first though, or else that creates a much sadder state of things. But I digress. On to the cookies! Continue reading

Challah Bread

Challah (or sometimes, hallah), is a traditional Jewish egg bread. And it is delicious.  It makes a very tender sandwich bread that marries well with cold cuts, but I fell in love with it in the form of French toast.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.

For this recipe, I turned to my handy copy of the Joy of Cooking. Challah takes a bit of patience to make since you have to give it two full risings, but the effort is worth it! If the loaf isn’t gone within the first day or two, use any leftovers in your favorite French toast recipe. Trust me on this one. Would I ever lead you astray? Don’t believe me? Pinch My Salt agrees with me. If you listen to no one else, listen to her. 🙂 Continue reading