Padron Peppers


Padron peppers… are stupidly delicious. There’s no other way to put it. Stupidly delicious, completely addicting, and like playing Russian roulette. The background on these peppers is that they are extremely seasonal. They usually peak in the summer, so I first had them this past August in Seattle at a Basque pintxos (tapas) bar. Typically very mellow and nutty in flavor when cooked, they say that every one in ten of these peppers is super spicy — I unfortunately got one of those ten in Seattle. Padrons are picked when they are immature and before the spiciness becomes concentrated in the seeds. Every now and again the pepper ends up being a bit more along than its siblings. Darn you! My mouth recovered only just enough for me to polish off the rest of the plate. 🙂


Cooking them is not only easy, but also quick. Pour enough oil to cover the bottom of a sauce pan, and let it heat over a medium flame. Toss in the peppers (I added garlic for the heck of it) and let them cook about 1-2 minutes before tossing and turning them. They’ll start to blister and char. Salt them with some sea salt or other coarse salt, put ’em on a plate, and eat! No more than 4-5 minutes in the pan. Told you it was easy!

Helpful tip: When cleaning the peppers, wipe them down with a damp towel. Don’t bother washing them in tons of water unless you plan on drying each one thoroughly. You don’t want any stray water to cause the hot oil to spit at you.


The aftermath.


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