Artificial Grape Cupcakes


Yes, that is indeed a purple cupcake. KC likes the taste of purple. Purple tastes like “grape.”

I said I’d make them if he could find me the flavoring. Foot. Mouth. Hello, grape cupcakes. (*No grapes were harmed in the writing of this blog post.)


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Cinnamon Honey Granola


Just lately I’ve been on a granola and yogurt kick. I love having it for breakfast and sometimes as a late night snack. Maybe it’s a byproduct of having been in San Francisco for too long, or maybe it’s because it’s just plain delicious. Yeah, that’s it. It’s just delicious.

To those who are lucky enough to live near a natural food store , I urge you to try making your own granola. Have you ever bought granola or trail mix and picked out all the raisins? Or maybe all the peanuts? Well if you make your own mix, you can leave out all the stuff you don’t like… and that means you’re left with only stuff you love. Win, win, guys.

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Mixed Fruit Tart and Lemon Orzo


Hey! I’m back! I disappeared for just a little bit for a break. But don’t worry, I was still cooking and baking during that break… I just haven’t had a chance to update. But you still love me right? To make up for my silence, I present to you a double post today!

I recently threw a dinner party which was originally meant for a handful of people but it ended up ballooning out to about four handfuls. It was a pretty ambitious effort for my first dinner party, but I think it turned out well and everyone seemed to get along. (But that could’ve been the wine talking!)

Anyway, here are the two star dishes of the party: a frangipane mixed fruit tart, and a creamy, lemony orzo dish.

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Velvet Spice Cake


Sugar and spice and everything nice. That’s what this cake is. If you had to make a cake that encapsulated the essence of fall and Thanksgiving, this would be it. I’m slowly but surely working my way through my newish copy of Joy of Cooking and I have yet to find a recipe flop. No exception to the rule, this velvet spice cake is delicate, barely sweet, and completely comforting.

Try it warm, with a drizzle of honey. Your belly will thank you for it. Then hop into bed with a cup of cocoa and snuggle down with a book, the TV, your cat, whatever. This cake will have you dreaming of blustery days, nippy weather, and turkey-induced coma. Continue reading