Thai Red Curry


Alright, more Thai food! This week we’re looking at Thai red curry. Let me start by saying that curries are probably among the easiest Thai dishes that you can learn how to cook. About 95% of the spices and seasonings that you need come pre-made in the form of curry paste:


Curry paste comes in almost every form of curry you could want: red, yellow, green, masamun, kanom jeen namya, etc. What I like about making curry is that while there are traditional ingredients for them, you can really make them with whatever add-ins you want, which is great for “kitchen sink” cooking. For this red curry, I used onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers.


So to make a good Thai curry, you need unsweetened coconut milk, curry paste, a little oil, a little sugar, and a little fish sauce.

Start by frying up a little of the curry paste in vegetable or sesame oil. For a couple of servings, about a tablespoon of curry and a tablespoon of oil will do initally. You can always add more paste later, but you can’t take away! Frying the curry paste releases the scents and flavors according to my parents.

Then add the meat of your choice and sear it in the curry paste.

Add one part chicken broth and one part coconut milk. Add any vegetables that have a long cooking time. Bring the pot up to a simmer only, don’t let it boil, or else the coconut milk will do bad things!

When the vegetables are nearly done, add any others that require only a few minutes of cooking time. In my case, that would be the mushrooms. Season with fish sauce and a touch of sugar. Feel free to add more curry paste if you want more spiciness. That’s it!

This dish can go from pot to table in under 30 minutes, which is why I love it for lazy cooking nights. : )



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