Savannah, GA


Hey all!

This week I’ll be bringing you fooding adventures from the state of Georgia. I’ve been here for about a day and a half now, taking pictures of everything I’ve eaten (of course), and you’ll get to read all about it!

So based on what I’ve had so far, I’ve learned two things about food here in Savannah:
1) It’s fried, and/or
2) It’s covered in mayo

Not to say that those are bad things, but dang, where can this Californian girl get herself something green? I say that, yet I’m on a mission to discover some real Southern BBQ out here – where’s the green in that?! Wait, maybe collard greens will do the trick. Yes, I think that will work out quite nicely…

Anyway, coming soon, a review of Bonefish Grill. Locals love it; I food snobbery it to death. Stay tuned!


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