Bonefish Grill – Savannah, GA


Bonefish Grill is a restaurant chain that seems to be located in many major states, but not California. I didn’t know that going in. The Yelp reviews for the Savannah location were good, so I decided to give it a try, thinking it was a local institution. I guess the most I can say about Bonefish Grill is that it’s decent for a chain, but disappointing as a local restaurant. What it has going for it is the freshness of the seafood. However, negative points for smothering everything in sauce.

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Savannah, GA


Hey all!

This week I’ll be bringing you fooding adventures from the state of Georgia. I’ve been here for about a day and a half now, taking pictures of everything I’ve eaten (of course), and you’ll get to read all about it!

So based on what I’ve had so far, I’ve learned two things about food here in Savannah:
1) It’s fried, and/or
2) It’s covered in mayo

Not to say that those are bad things, but dang, where can this Californian girl get herself something green? I say that, yet I’m on a mission to discover some real Southern BBQ out here – where’s the green in that?! Wait, maybe collard greens will do the trick. Yes, I think that will work out quite nicely…

Anyway, coming soon, a review of Bonefish Grill. Locals love it; I food snobbery it to death. Stay tuned!

Orange Chocolate Bundt Cake


So if you guys haven’t noticed yet, Joy the Baker is probably my favorite food blogger. This is the story of the Bundt cake that made it so. B introduced me to this recipe and Joy’s blog just a little over a year ago, and I fell in love with both. This recipe calls for a Bundt pan, which I did not own at the time but was determined to do so once I had a taste of the cake. There’s so much that I love about this particular recipe that it’s become one of my go-to recipes. Continue reading

Pork Chops with Bell Peppers


That’s right. This week’s post is a cooking post. “But what about buttery goodness?” you say? Don’t worry. There’s butter in the vegetables.

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is slave over a stove while my stomach implodes on itself like a black hole. I’m all about feeding my belly with haste so that I may bake at my own leisure afterwards.

So this particular night I ended up with two honking cuts of pork loin. A while back I discovered a trick to tenderizing and seasoning steak that I decided to apply to my pork chops. Continue reading

Banana Muffins with Nutella Ganache


I looked in my cabinet today and was a bit shocked to find a neglected jar of Nutella hiding in the back. After all, how does one ignore Nutella? Nut-freaking-tella! T introduced me to this luscious hazelnut spread a handful of years ago when we used to live together. Many a college meal was comprised of Nutella sandwiches thereafter.

Rich, creamy Nutella, I would like to start an affair with you. The lustful, wild abandon type. I promise to never forget you in the cupboard again. You are not deserving of such neglect!

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Carrot Cake


I remember thinking that carrot cake was disgusting when I was younger. But that was because I had never had it and the idea of carrots in cake was absolutely ridiculous. Vegetables in sweets? Get out of here!

Luckily, my mind was changed by my brother’s former roommate. Professional slacker turned professional patissier, he brought us a beautiful carrot cake on my dad’s birthday, complete with “Happy Birthday” piped out in neat script. Ever since then, I’ve been sold on carrot cake.

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Espresso Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake


I don’t like cheesecake. Whenever I go to a restaurant, I never order it for dessert. So why in the heck is there a cheesecake recipe posted here?! Well this is actually the only cheesecake I will eat. No, I’m not being stuck up about my own baking. There’s actually a very good reason for it!

Sour cream. I realized that I don’t like cheesecakes that use sour cream in them (which is most). The added tanginess is just something that I don’t enjoy. Now this cheesecake recipe… it’s unadulterated cream cheese. It’s dense, it’s creamy, it’s everything that’s right in this world.

I invite you to try to change my mind about sour cream cheesecakes, but for now, read on about my love affair with this particular recipe.

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