The Making of a Wall-E Cake


Guys, I had an amazing time at Disney World! There were turkey legs, churros, and frozen lemonades galore! The “cast members” always send you off with the parting, “Have a magical day,” and as cheesy as it is, I definitely had a magical time. To keep the Disney ball rolling, this week I will be posting about Disney-Pixar’s Wall-E cake that I made a while back. It was quite the undertaking: 12 hours of work across three days and about 10 lbs. of cake and frosting. But the results were awesome, weren’t they? Even if you never make a character cake yourself, will you at least listen to my adventure?

The backstory: J’s birthday was in July, shortly after the Wall-E movie was released in June. We all loved the movie so much and talked about it so much that it was perpetually stuck in our minds. So it was just natural for me to come up with the idea for a Wall-E cake just in time for J’s big day. I am no cake making expert by any means, so I knew that a free-standing figure would test both my patience and my sanity. Instead, I opted for the “Sleepytime Wall-E” look, as I like to call it. Good thing Sleepytime Wall-E was one of J’s favorites!

So what does it take to make a Wall-E? Try seven layers of cake, two jars of jam, and three cans of frosting. Oh yes, and five pounds of rolled fondant.



I alternated layers of chocolate frosting and strawberry jam between the cake layers before trimming everything down to size…


… then covered the whole thing in more chocolate frosting…


… then made my little buddy some eyes.


Of course the hard part was to come. I had to start dressing Wall-E in his fondant shell. I attached his eyes to the body with lollipop sticks and supported the middle with a ball of gray fondant. Let me tell you, fondant provides a great looking result, but it’s SUCH a pain to work with. It’s like a finicky Play-Doh that’s prone to cracking and breaking and causing all other sorts of misery. But would I use it again? Hell yes. 🙂


Now for the important details that give Wall-E his character. First, give him sleepy eyes and retracted arms.


Don’t forget his treads! They’re sitting right next to him… I hope he can find them and put them on! I added the texture by simply using a wooden skewer to make the tread pattern.


Next, add his name, recording deck, and control panel.


Dirty him up with some chocolate frosting smudges and you have yourself a cake! Looking back on it, I should tried something a bit smaller. Ten people could not finish even half of this little guy. What’s that you say? Oh yes, I totally made J cut it! The entire time he was moaning about how it was the saddest day of his life to be killing Wall-E. I can sympathize with him – I don’t think I could’ve done it myself, but then again, good thing it wasn’t my birthday then huh? 😀



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  1. awww Wall-e…you were delicious :X :X

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