Level III – SF: Union Square

eimg_2015I love Dine About Town because you get to wine and dine at places that you normally wouldn’t due to the associated price tag. And if the food ends up being sucky, then at least it wasn’t an expensive mistake. Unfortunately, my experience at Level III falls into this category.

Level III is in the SF Marriott, so the decor is superb, but sadly the food was subpar. I knew I should’ve been worried when we walked in an realized the place was practically empty. The Dine About Town menu did not have any course choices. We had a pre-picked three course lunch consisting of:


The tuna tartare was probably the highlight of the meal. The fish was well-seasoned and fresh, and the added bit of cayenne on the side was nice. The wasabi sauce was definitely weak, but I guess I wasn’t expecting much out of it to begin with.


The second course. Sigh. It was a butternut squash pasta that came out looking like boxed mac-n-cheese, and actually I think I would have rather had that.


This dish could have been spectacular had it actually been salted. It’s like the chef completely forgot that salt existed. The grilled cubes of squash were probably the highlight of the dish. Aside from the lack of salt, the consistency of the sauce was, as you can see, gloopy.

Finally, we got a trio of ice cream sandwiches:


The chocolate sandwich had a dark chocolate ice cream with espresso cookies. It was good for dark chocolate lovers, which is not me, but A enjoyed it just fine. The vanilla with chocolate chip was average. It seemed like they used vanilla extract to flavor the ice cream, not real vanilla bean. The strawberry sandwich was the ultimate disappointment. Well actually, it was the SLICES of strawberry. They tasted of onion. Onion! Level III should learn to wash their cutting boards. Anyway, I ended up being thoroughly grossed out. At least that was the end of the meal. Thank goodness I had enjoyable company! I will probably never visit this restaurant again.


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