Level III – SF: Union Square

eimg_2015I love Dine About Town because you get to wine and dine at places that you normally wouldn’t due to the associated price tag. And if the food ends up being sucky, then at least it wasn’t an expensive mistake. Unfortunately, my experience at Level III falls into this category.

Level III is in the SF Marriott, so the decor is superb, but sadly the food was subpar. I knew I should’ve been worried when we walked in an realized the place was practically empty. The Dine About Town menu did not have any course choices. We had a pre-picked three course lunch consisting of:


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Apples + Peanut Butter, Part Deux

eimg_1997Ah, these cupcakes. I am determined to perfect them! After having forgotten the egg last time and receiving yet another bag of apples from C, I had to make the Peanut Butter Apple Cupcakes again.

Sadly, I liked my “mistake” version so much better. The addition of the egg this time totally detracted from the peanut butter flavor. The resulting cake was more subtle, but not what I was looking for. I think from here on out, I will only use one egg in the batter – just enough to provide some structure to the batter.

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