One Market – SF: Financial District

eimg_1977The Three Marketeers strike again! We have reconvened for 2009’s Dine About Town at One Market.

It was both a happy and sad occasion: TGD being heavily pregnant, and S breaking the news that she’ll be moving back to Virginia. Ahhh, how I wail at the thought! In the end, I guess we’re all doing what will make us happy though, whether it be having a kid, moving home, or in my case, eating! So let’s get to the food then, shall we?

Okay actually, let’s talk about my drink first. It was a cranberry lemonade. A very pretty cranberry lemonade. Also a pretty expensive cranberry lemonade. But hey, we’re talking One Market here, so disregard that comment. Anyway the drink was a little fizzy, a little tart, and overall pleasurable.


Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s finally proceed to the food.

eimg_1979The menu for DAT consisted of a three-course meal as you can see, but on this particular day, the salad happened to be a spring mix with pieces of shaved carrot, fennel, apple, and I’m not sure what else.

A spring mix salad doesn’t seem all fancy-shmancy, and this particular one wasn’t, but the flavors were spot on. Whatever the mysterious dressing was, my compliments to the chef.

eimg_1983First course, surprisingly yum. For the second course, TGD and I both went with the braised short rib. It’s short ribs, how could you go wrong? Well actually, you could go wrong by trying to make it yourself. This is one of those dishes that I leave to the pros, not because it’s particularly hard to make, but more because it’s time-freaking-consuming. Here it is in all its glory:

eimg_1986Another win! I’m usually not one for grits either, but the combination of beef, kale, and grits made for the perfect plate of upscale comfort food. (Hmm… a lot of Top Chef terminology flying around in this post today…)

We were skeptical about dessert at first. “Financier? What’s THAT?” “That” happens to be a crispy on the outside, soft on the inside cake. It’s a cross somewhere between a crumpet and a cupcake. Filled with little bits of blood orange and topped with blood orange, marscapone ice cream (not sorbet, which was surprising), it rounded off the meal very well. I haven’t come across a cream-based citrus ice cream in a while and this one was done well.

eimg_1987Oh yeah! And it seems like we got a Star of David to top off our ice cream too. Haha, j/k. (They’re totally not equilateral triangles. /nerd)

The verdict: The Three Marketeers approve! All the flavors were well-balanced, and while I personally wouldn’t say that I’d die if I didn’t go back for any of the dishes we had, they married together in a delectable way. It was delicious, but “pay full price” delicious? It’s debatable I think. For the short ribs yes, but the salad and dessert, probably not. Ultimately, I usually don’t get this kind of lunchtime treat anyway, so there’s really nothing to complain about!

S, don’t leave us!!!



3 Responses

  1. lol. you had me at “equilateral triangles.” /facepalm

  2. one market has a good mix of fancy without being pompous. a good first date place. nice pics.

  3. ❤ the review. I would stop after taking pictures. Cause I’m lazy. Too much effort. =P

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