eimg_1973The Danish have given us so much. Legos, breakfast pastries, Hans Christian Andersen, Aqua, and vanillekranse. Vanillekranse, aka “vanilla wreath,” are THE holiday cookie in Denmark.

My friend and old co-worker, who I like to call “The Great Dane,” allowed me the privilege to try her grandmother’s vanillekranse – homemade and shipped straight from Denmark. Ever since that day, these cookies have always been in the back of my mind, taunting me because I have neither the Danish granny nor the skills of one to recreate the recipe. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try…

As Americans, I can bet that most of you have had vanillekranse before. Heck, I grew up on them. “Hey wait, I’d remember such a weird cookie name if I’ve had it before,” you say? Well here, you might remember them better in this form:


Ah, now you know. So let’s see how my homemade version stacked up!

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