Yamo – SF: Mission


Maybe Burmese food isn’t for me. Yamo came to me through Yelp, with a 4/5 star rating, yet I wasn’t impressed. Being my first foray into Burmese food though, I’ll save my final judgement until after I’ve tried some of the other highly rated places like Burma Superstar.

So Yamo is a die-hard foodie’s dream. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place with seating at the counter for 8 people max. The kitchen is right in your face, complete with griminess and three little Asian ladies arguing with each other as they work. Almost reminds me of home…

T and I met up there after finding the Yelp listing. We started with the curried samusas as an appetizer:


T made the comment that it tasted like a pizza roll, and although I laughed at him for it, it kind of did! Well the crust anyway. The inside was filled with a well-balanced, slightly spicy curried potato mixture that was pleasing.

The tea leaf salad that followed had god knows what in it. Among bits of cabbage and other greenery were crispy bits of nuts and… I don’t know! I couldn’t tell you what they put in it, but it was pretty tasty. Until you finished off about half the dish. Then it was just overwhelming to the tastebuds and started tasting gross. I don’t know how else to explain this one:


Finally we split a curry chicken over egg noodles. I didn’t find it particularly amazing, but the flavors were balanced. It reminded me a lot of a toned-down Thai yellow curry:


All in all, I might venture back to Yamo to try some of the other dishes just in case we ordered the wrong things. I also need to start expanding my knowledge of Burmese food so I can actually make accurate critiques in my review. Maybe I’ll revisit this one at some point…

Hey T, I know you weren’t very impressed either, but at least it was a cheap date. (Stingy bastard.) J/k, hahaha.


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  1. hey, i just had some other burmese food recently too. right next to my work there’s yellow pa taut, which was pretty good, if somewhat stark (i think its a big lunchtime/courthouse fave. i also went to mandalay near the richmond; they were more decorated and the staff is super nice. their tea leaf salad was straight up with no cabbage. the fermented tiny tea leaves and nuts and shrimps and more. Burmese food seems to be a niche that people are starting to rave about. but i think my next foray into southeast/south asia will be nepalese…i miss my momos. have you hit up any good nepalese places lately?

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