Candybar – SF: Western Addition/Alamo Square

img_1894Booze + Dessert = Win?

J and I hadn’t seen each other in ages, so we decided to meet up at Candybar on Fulton @ Divisadero to catch up.

Candybar attempts to distinguish itself as a dessert bar, so naturally I walked into the place expecting some sort of confectionary marvel to hit my taste buds in the classic 70s Batman style. *Kapow, blam, zowie*!

But… I have to say, it was a little disappointing.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate the place by any means. I just think that a place that specializes in desserts should do better than this. The menu looked oh-so-promising:


Me being me, I picked the strangest sounding thing to order: Buttered Popcorn Creme Brulee, Orange Creamsicle Cookie. It ended up not being strange at all. Actually, it was downright ordinary. I received the following plate of caramel popcorn, a run-of-the-mill creme brulee, and a slightly stale madeleine with orange scented whipped cream:


Nice try guys, but I feel totally gypped here. I demand more craziness! Popcorn-infused creme anglaise! Orange-cream macarons! Come oooooon! *Sigh*

J ended up ordering the Olive Oil Cake, Black Tea Gelato, and Limoncello Crema. The olive oil cake was indeed moist and the black tea gelato tasted like black tea, alright. I didn’t bother delving into the limoncello crema that was dumped unceremoniously onto the plate. Umm… I have nothing else to say about it! The stuff tasted like it should; it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t extraordinary either.


In the end, it seems like the desserts here are average. I would go back for the drinks though! Happy hour runs from 6pm-8pm, with $2 red and white sangria, which happen to be mighty tasty. They didn’t seem too boozy, but the buzz sure did creep up on me after two of them!

While the bar wasn’t all too memorable, my company was, and I was reminded that I totally miss hanging out with J. We talked about the past, what was new, what we aspired to do, and where we wanted to go. I think the thing I took away from it all was that sometimes life isn’t about finding the answer. Sometimes it’s about the journey you take and the experiences that enrich your life… even the ones that involve some sweets, some wine, and two friends at a small bar in big ol’ SF.



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